My passion is to create audiovisual media. As a Cameraman, Editor and Steadicam Operator it is above all the moving image that fascinates me. A creative camera work and a rhythmic edit are part of my handwriting as well as harmonic animations and an appealing video design. By working on different projects over the last few years I have got in touch with the latest camera technology, editing and graphics programs.

I am used to work under time pressure, I am reliable and I like to take on responsibility. My creative eye and my technical knowledge supports me with complex challenges. Long working hours, pressure and deadlines do not obstruct my work. In teams I can quickly integrate myself. Self-training and increasing my skills are essential to my future career path.

If you need someone with a lot of commitment, diligence and perseverance for your production anywhere on the planet, I will be right there for you! Please get in touch.

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